Citi Singapore Thematic Lock-up

How do you create perceptual scale of your brand with different messaging objectives for a wide variety of banking products and services?

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This series of campaign was ideated to help the bank solve a question:

How do you create perceptual scale of your brand and communications across so many different messaging bjectives, product and service holdings and stakeholders?

Our answer?

Develop a series of "Themes" throughout the year for all their communications that would resonate with customers across all the different financial service offerings.

To ensure these thematic expressions could be easily implemented across both digital and offline channels, we would design a visual language as well as a Brand Guide for how it should be implemented.


Through a series of creative Thematic Lock-Up expressions, we breathed fresh life into the thematics while maintaining that same indicative intent and urgency, allowing it to transcend into new emotional territory that embraces optimism, positivity, and confidence.

"New Year, New XXX" was the first of the themes, followed by "With Every New Day" in Q2, ending with "Time for XXX" for 2018.

Moving into 2019, we kicked off the new theme "Welcome" in alignment with the Bank's new "Welcome What's Next" brand tagline.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual design